Carnival Rides & Games



The Tucson Weekly Carnival and Kiddie Land Opening Hours:
3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
11:00 a.m. Saturday – Sunday

The Pima County Fair carnival is divided into two sections; The Kiddie Land Carnival is located near the Pima County Fair Main Entrance and is full of family fun!  Fair goers seeking higher and faster carnival rides, more challenging games and plenty of food options merely need to follow the lights of The Grand Wheel to arrive at The Tucson Weekly Carnival!

The Pima County Fair carnival midway offers fabulous fair food and nearly 60 different carnival rides and almost 50 midway games, sure to thrill the youngest to the youngest at heart!

The Pima County Fair Carnival operates a ticketless system called, The “FunPass”.  The FunPass is a swipe card that works similar to a debit card or a pre-paid phone card.  The customer purchases a FunPass at the carnival ticket box.  A unique account is instantly set up with the amount of purchase.  The FunPass holder presents the card to a ride operator, the card is scanned and the appropriate number of “tickets” will be deducted from the account.  The card can be used any day of the fair and reloaded once it is emptied at any carnival ticket box.

The best thing about the FunPass is that it can be replaced when lost, as long as you have your receipt!!!!  Visit any carnival ticket box, or the Carnival Guest Service located near the big slide for more assistance.

Pima County Fair has tons of fun carnival rides and games

  • Farm Tractors

    Farm Tractors

    5 Tickets

  • Mach 1

    Mach 1

    15 Tickets

  • Quad Runners

    Quad Runners

    5 Tickets

  • Motor Bikes

    Motor Bikes

    5 Tickets

  • VW Bugs

    VW Bugs

    5 Tickets

  • Zipper


    7 Tickets

  • Wild River

    Wild River

    9 Tickets

  • Wiggle Wurm

    Wiggle Wurm

    5 Tickets

  • Tug Boat

    Tug Boat

    5 Tickets

  • Train Funhouse

    Train Funhouse

    3 Tickets

  • Traffic Jam

    Traffic Jam

    5 Tickets

  • Toon Town

    Toon Town

    4 Tickets

  • Tilt a Whirl

    Tilt a Whirl

    7 Tickets

  • Techno Jump

    Techno Jump

    8 Tickets

  • Survival Island

    Survival Island

    5 Tickets

  • Surf Shack

    Surf Shack

    5 Tickets

  • Speed


    15 Tickets

  • Skyflyer


    9 Tickets

  • Silver Streak

    Silver Streak

    5 Tickets

  • Silly Sea 2

    Silly Sea 2

    5 Tickets

  • Remix


    8 Tickets

  • Rave Wave

    Rave Wave

    9 Tickets

  • Pirate's Island

    Pirate's Island

    5 Tickets

  • Moscow Circus

    Moscow Circus

    6 Tickets

  • Monster Trucks

    Monster Trucks

    5 Tickets

  • Mini Bumper Cars

    Mini Bumper Cars

    5 Tickets

  • Mega Drop

    Mega Drop

    10 Tickets

  • Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras

    5 Tickets

  • Little Dipper

    Little Dipper

    4 Tickets

  • Kite Flyer

    Kite Flyer

    5 Tickets

  • Jumpin Buggy

    Jumpin Buggy

    4 Tickets

  • Haunted Mansion

    Haunted Mansion

    7 Tickets

  • Grand Wheel

    Grand Wheel

    8 Tickets

  • Goliath Slide

    Goliath Slide

    4 Tickets

  • G Force

    G Force

    9 Tickets

  • FlyingDutchman


    8 Tickets

  • Experience


    8 Tickets

  • Evolution


    9 Tickets


    6 Tickets

  • Elephants


    4 Tickets

  • Dragon Wagon

    Dragon Wagon

    4 Tickets

  • Dodgem


    8 Tickets

  • Dizzy Dragon

    Dizzy Dragon

    4 Tickets

  • Disko


    8 Tickets

  • Dakota #16 Wheel

    Dakota #16 Wheel

    6 Tickets

  • Cyclone


    6 Tickets

  • Creep Show

    Creep Show

    7 Tickets

  • Crazy Coaster

    Crazy Coaster

    9 Tickets

  • Cobra Coaster

    Cobra Coaster

    6 Tickets

  • Clown Funhouse

    Clown Funhouse

    3 Tickets

  • Cliff Hanger

    Cliff Hanger

    7 Tickets

  • Carousel


    6 Tickets

  • Bungy Jump

    Bungy Jump


  • Bees


    5 Tickets

  • Barnyard Express

    Barnyard Express

    Tickets 4

  • Alien Abduction

    Alien Abduction

    Tickets 8