The Southwestern Fair Commission,Inc., is a non-profit, private corporation, established in 1975 by Pima County to operate the fairgrounds and the Pima County Fair since the 1970’s.  Under the management agreement set forth by the Commission
and Pima County, all profits earned from operations are put back into the facility for improvements.  Over the years, the commission has made over $2,000,000.00 of improvements to the facilities.

The Pima County Fairgrounds comprise a 640-acre event complex that resides in a desert environment with mesquite, cacti and grass with an average temperature of 80° F.  The facility was designed for diverse and multi use to include outdoor concert and stage locations, 3 exhibit buildings, equestrian facilities, animal and livestock arenas, motorized event arena, storage
facilities, 15-acres of asphalt display area, outdoor exhibit spaces, picnic areas, RV facilities and areas for out-door camping.

The facilities at the Pima County Fairgrounds include motorized event facilities that are subleased to Tucson Speedway, home of annual pavement racing events and Southwestern International Dragway, home of annual IHRA events.  Please visit their websites at and  for their schedule of events.

In support of Pima County residents, the Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc. hosts the Southern Arizona Modelers R/C Flying Club, and the Tucson Kart Club at the Pima County Fairgrounds. Visit for more information.

In the interest of increasing revenue at the Pima County Fairgrounds, the Southwestern Fair commission, Inc. has begun producing several events at the facility to include horse shows and concerts.  These events have allowed us to be in a position to maximize the usage of the facility for year round purposes.

The Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc. looks forward to improving the facilities at the Pima County Fairgrounds, to cooperating with other for profit and non-profit organizations to produce more events and better serve our community


Mission Statement

As a nationally recognized, multipurpose facility, we will provide quality and diverse entertainment as well as the facilities and services necessary to conduct community, educational, sports and agriculturally based programs that meet the needs of visitors and residents of Pima County.  The operation of these facilities, programs, and services will be affordable, cost effective and well managed.



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The Pima County Fair is one of Southern Arizona’s largest and most anticipated annual events. Click here to learn more.

Board Meeting Minutes

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