Pima County Fair Disclaimers and Policies

All bags will be searched. 

No Fire Arms Allowed

Pursuant to A.R.S. 4-229

Form 1113

The Pima County Fair does not endorse or accept responsibility for information posted or printed from any website other than the current www.PimaCountyFair.com promoting the fair, April 20 – 30, 2017.

Social Media and other online content:  The Official Pima County Fair social media sites are about having fun and for the use of our fair fans and followers, to connect, share and ask questions about the daily events at the fair and interim events.  The Pima County Fair reserves the right to delete postings that serve a purpose other than to promote the Pima County Fair and interim events.

The Pima County Fair will not post and will delete misinformation, along with postings which in our opinion can be viewed as harmful, bullying, hateful or vulgar.  The Pima County Fair will delete activity which invades the privacy rights of others, is politically motivated along with unauthorized advertising.  The Pima County Fair reserves the right to delete and/or block fans who repeatedly violate these policies.

Comments, photos and discussions that are posted on social networking sites are a matter of personal choice and opinion, but may not necessarily reflect the choice or the opinion of the Pima County Fair.

Coupons and Discounts: The Pima County Fair does not accept coupons or discounts that have been publicized by outside agencies or websites, without the express written permission of the Pima County Fair, including the Entertainment Book and Entertainment Book On-Line.

Cancellations and Refunds:

The Pima County Fair performers are included in the cost of admission and subject to change.   Promotions and other events are also subject to change.  Additionally, the Pima County Fair is a rain or shine event and does not presale admission, therefore there are no refunds.

Advertising and Statements:  The Pima County Fair does not accept responsibility for advertising, public statements or other information that was not directly purchased by or made by an authorized spokesperson of the Pima County Fair.

Counterfeit: The Pima County Fair will not accept suspected counterfeit. Suspect counterfeit currency and/or tickets with or without a receipt, will be reported to the on-site law enforcement, for further investigation.  Counterfeit items may be confiscated and may not be returned while being held as evidence or for further investigation.

Do not purchase Pima County Fair Fry’s Presale Weekday Discount Coupons from anyone other than Fry’s. Do not purchase fast passes, fun passes or unlimited ride wristbands from anyone other than the RCS Ticket boxes.  There will be no refunds made by the Pima County Fair or Ray Cammack Shows for suspected counterfeit. 

The Pima County Fair Policies

No File Arms Allowed Pursuant to A.R.S 4-229 From 1113 No Tobacco Products Pursuant to 8.50.010